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Pricing Packages

"Entrance Counting"

From USD 750 per store

1-5 devices install at each major entrances of the mall to understand the basic traffic patterns, peak periods and make the decision about your marketing initiatives.

“Entrance + Demographics”

From USD 1,290 per store

Combining the footfall with demographic data (Age, gender) to measure the responsiveness of different targeted user groups towards your marketing campaign and the sales performance.

“Entrance + In-store Analytics”

From USD 3,670 per store

Extensible system package with zone performance in your store by integration with your existing CCTV. Identify hot and cold zone, the customer engagement in each area and product categories market respond towards the marketing campaign or display modification.

"Entrance Counting"

From USD 750 per store

Buy installing 1x people counter at your store entrance, helps to streamline operation across your stores in maintaining operational efficiency and coordinating activities. Benefit from a centralised management, multi-location integration, advanced reporting suite, achieved the operational efficiency

"Entrance Counting"

From USD 8,000

Install a total of 1-10 devices at the main entrances of the mall to gain insights into the traffic patterns and peak periods. This
will enable you to better understand the flow of visitors, identify high-traffic periods, and inform your marketing initiatives.

"Entrances and Floors Counting"

From USD 15,000

10-20 devices, designed to provide comprehensive people counting data not only at the entrances but also on different
floors within the mall. This package allows mall management to understand foot traffic patterns, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall customer experience.

"Entrances and Floor Counting with Demographic Analysis"

From USD 20,000

20-50 devices throughout the mall to empowers mall management with in-depth insights into customer behavior, preferences, and demographics, enabling data-driven improvements to the mall’s layout, services, and marketing efforts.

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